Anti-Trafficking Network

Anti-Trafficking Network

February 01, 2020

This month we will focus our prayer on the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is a source, transit and destination country. More people are involved in labour exploitation than sexual exploitation. That said, the sex industry is thriving. When we visit brothels we regularly meet women from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Nigeria and Romania. Many Czech and Slovak women have large debts to pay off, due to divorces and somewhat Draconian bankruptcy laws. The Romanian women we meet often have a boyfriend who persuades them to join the sex industry, and then takes most of their money. The Nigerian women we meet are usually tricked into coming to Europe, thinking they will have other forms of employment – they also get manipulated through Juju rituals and spiritual means. As far as labour exploitation is concerned, we see many Bulgarian, Ukrainian, and Romanian people labour trafficked. At times Vietnamese are also trafficked into labour exploitation.

FREEDOM Ministry is an anti-trafficking project of around 20 people that originates out of our local Baptist church in Prague, The International Baptist Church of Prague. We are engaged in prevention through awareness, as well as brothel outreaches and a two year indepth training programme. Our focus is both academic and practitioner related. We seek to see women in prostitution develop intimate relationships with Jesus, and to become part of thriving communities of Jesus followers. We partner too with OM Czech Republic in this goal, vision and practical work.

Prayer requests:

1. For Romanian and Slavic women to join our training and outreach programmme
2. For the Czech Baptist churches to become engaged in the issue of anti-trafficking in practical ways
3. For the Czech society to become more aware of the needs of those exploited

For more information, contact Tiffne Whitley, the Anti-Trafficking Network coordinator.