Anti-Trafficking Network

Anti-Trafficking Network

March 01, 2020

This month we will focus our prayer efforts on Germany.

As outreach teams reach out into the brothels of Germany, they are meeting many women from Romania, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, Bulgaria as well as some from Thailand, Africa, South America and other countries. These women are often trapped into these brothels through exploitation including human trafficking. Please pray for the German authorities to be more aware of the problems that these women face in this system. Pray that leaders and lawmakers will begin to have a better understanding of the plight of victims of exploitation. Please pray for anti-trafficking groups working in Germany as they raise awareness and funds in order to support and reach out to victims of trafficking. Please pray for unity among the outreach teams. Please pray for the teams that go out each week to reach out to these women.


For more information, contact Tiffne Whitley, the Anti-Trafficking Network coordinator.