Refugee Integration Conference, April 2018

Conference on
Local Churches being involved in the
Integration of Refugees into Local Communities

25-28 April 2018, Örebro, Sweden

The conference will address a variety of questions related to integration of refugees into local communities: Which vision can steer the churches in the refugee integration process and how? How does the Bible inspire us to work for integration? What are the political realities related to human rights of refugees in different European countries? How can churches be practically involved in the integration process and what means and tools are available for this? What are the fears and dangers, and how to respond to nationalism and terrorism? What is the role of church and faith for displaced people to find a home?

These, and other questions will be tackled by different people from different countries. There will be time to share case studies and experiences from participating countries. Conference programme will also include a visit to three refugee integration projects in Sweden:

  • Filadelfia Church in Örebro and their language and church inclusion project;
  • Creating work places in Laxå;
  • Church as an integration force in Fjugesta.

The conference is organised by the members of the EBF refugee situation working group: Daniel Råsberg (Sweden Interact), Thomas Klammt (Germany) and Helle Liht (EBF).

Download detailed information about the conference HERE.


Please register before 28 March 2018!

We are looking forward to having an informative and inspirational conference. You are very welcome!