Conference: Integrating of Refugees

25 - 28 Apr 2018 Tallinn, Estonia

EBF conference on local churches being Involved in the integration of refugees into local communities


Churches and Unions within the EBF have been responding to the displaced – both refugees and IDPs. While the initial humanitarian response was to provide for the physical and social needs of the displaced, this has now changed as the flow of refugees into Europe has decreased significantly. Many of the Unions and churches are wondering what the long term needs of the refugees are and how the churches can help in integrating them into local communities. In the face of increasing opposition to foreigners across Europe, churches are wondering what is their role in such a context.

Date: 25-28 April 2018

Location: Sweden

For Whom: Key members of Unions in the EBF and local church partners involved with ministering to refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

Objective: To learn and share lessons and strategies for local churches and Unions in understanding what is the role of local churches in integrating refugees into local communities.


  • Programs to help refugees integrate into local communities
  • Accessing government resources and funding
  • Legal and practical issues connected with asylum
  • Integrating the spiritual dimensions into the work that is being done
  • Medium term trends on refugee flows, EU wide programs to stem the flow of refugees, attitudes of the public, etc.

Structure of the Consultation:

  • One or two external speakers on this topic
  • Member unions share their experiences
  • Workshops on specific topics
  • Field trip to see and learn from some Swedish projects

 Registration info will be available soon.