Mission & Evangelism


Ian Bunce (Great Britain)





EBF Mission Conference

Bold Acts: Seeing the God of the Early Church at Work today
13-16 June 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria


Activities and projects

This Commission encourages mission and evangelism among the Baptist churches and unions of the EBF. It organises an annual Mission Conference where experiences of mission and ideas for new ways of evangelism and church planting are shared. The Commission supports and encourages the work of the Mission Partnerships (MP) of the EBF which supports gifted individuals to plant churches in their own countries. The Commission also undertakes mapping exercises showing the trends in mission across the EBF.

Core Group

  • Ingeborg Janssen (the NetherLands)
  • Cesar Sotomayor (Austria)
  • Daniel Trusiewicz (Indigenous Mission Partnership)
  • Sue Wilson (France)


Ian Bunce