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Gospel in Iraq

Daniel Trusiewicz - September 24, 2009

New churches are being planted in the most difficult places such as Iraq. The mission work faces numerous obstacles but the chain of international prayer can encourage and support the indigenous church planters.

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Gospel above Polar Circle

Daniel Trusiewicz - July 16, 2009

The Baptist Union of Norway has registered a good deal of grow due to the church planting program. Some of the church plants are located above the Polar Circle.

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Gospel in Western Ukraine

Daniel Trusiewicz - May 20, 2009

The Baptist Union of Ukraine is one of the largest bodies in Europe. But there are also regions where Baptists are scarce. Many indigenous church planters work there. The new planted churches in the society are like oases in a desert.

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Gospel in Azerbaijan

Daniel Trusiewicz - March 26, 2009

Baptists of Azerbaijan are active in spreading the Gospel in spite of hardships from the authorities. God’s mission is carried out in the spiritually needy nation that inhabits the offshore of the Caspian Sea.

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Church-planting in Lithuania

Daniel Trusiewicz - January 29, 2009

It takes at least 15 years of hard mission work until a self-supporting church is established, so the mission work in Lithuania is still in its initial stages of development.

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Baptists in Moldova

Daniel Trusiewicz - November 17, 2008

Hundreds of indigenous missionaries are involved in planting new Baptist churches in Moldova. The local Baptist Union church-planting program involves over 40 new church plants. Several are being supported by the EBF Indigenous Mission Project.

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Church-planting in Slovakia

Daniel Trusiewicz - September 16, 2008

The European Baptist Federation recently started supporting a church-planting project in Slovakia, to facilitate missionary efforts of developing, coordinating and encouraging the spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ in Slovakia.

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Baptists in Belarus

Daniel Trusiewicz - July 18, 2008

In spite of the challenge of strict religious laws, Baptist churches in Belarus continue carrying out their ministry and new congregations are also being planted.

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Baptist Church Planting in Macedonia

Daniel Trusiewicz - March 28, 2008

The Baptist Union in Macedonia comprises only two congregations. The newest Baptist initiative is to start a new church in the part of Skopje called Aerodrome - the district inhabited by 100 thousand residents.

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