Two new churches opened in the conflict zone in Ukraine

All-Ukrainian Union of Associations of Evangelical Christians-Baptists - November 11, 2020

The Baptist Brotherhood of Ukraine celebrated two special events at the end of October. Two Baptist churches in the Donetsk area – Umanske settlement and Pokrovsl town – were opened … during the seventh year of the conflict.

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Celebrating the Season of Creation

EBF press service - September 01, 2020

Together with the European ecumenical community we invite you to celebrate the Season of Creation from 1 September – 4 October, and 1 September as the Day for Creation.

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Commemorating Victims of Acts of Religious-based violence

Shane McNary, Chair of EBF Commission on Freedom & Justice - August 22, 2020

22 August is designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief. On this day, we remember those who have been targeted simply because of their religious belief.

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Pray for Lebanon

Nabil Costa, LSESD/MEBO, EBF ExCo member - August 05, 2020

The massive blast that took place at the port of Beirut late in the afternoon of Wednesday, August 4th left an important part of the city laying in apocalyptic ruin. The rumble of the explosion was felt all the way to Cyprus.

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In Memoriam: Knud Wümpelmann

EBF press service - June 02, 2020

The EBF has learned that our beloved brother and former EBF General Secretary, Knud Wümpelmann, passed into the nearer presence of the Lord on 2nd June, 2020. He was aged 97.

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When a Town Comes Together

Zoltan Nyúl, Serbia - May 05, 2020

This is a story of an entire town pulling together through hard times with the sole intention to help the needy. The best headline for this example could be “Morovica Joins Together!” because it all started with a Facebook group that was created with this name at the start of the pandemic.

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