Refugee Situation

The EBF Council in Sofia (23-26 Sep 2015) discussed the migration/refugee situation in Europe and the Middle East, and recommended to build a network which would help the EBF member bodies to share information and facilitate funding between those involved in responding to the situation.

The initial stage of building the network requires mapping the Baptist Response to the Refugee Situation in Europe. Each EBF member body is invited to participate in the mapping process. On this website you can download the Mapping Temlapte which needs to be returned to the EBF office.

The EBF member bodies are invited to share their stories and experiences on this website. Send your information and pictures to helle(at) and it will be posted here within a couple of days.

On this website you find instructions on how to apply for funding in order to receive some support for your Union/Association projects responding to the migration/refugee crisis. Projects need to be submitted by an EBF member body or, in case of a local church, recommended by the respective EBF member body. Please note that we cannot guarantee full funding for every submitted project.

The EBF response to the migration/refugee situation is coordinated by an international working group commended by the EBF Council:

  • Rupen Das, Chair of the Working Group, Member of the Faculty of IBTSC Amsterdam and Consultant for Mission and Development, EBF
  • Helle Liht, Assistant General Secretary, EBF
  • Thomas Klammt, Coordinator for Integration and Migration Issues, Union of Evangelical Free Churches (Baptists) in Germany
  • Daniel Råsberg, Project Manager Region Europe/Middle East, InterAct Sweden
  • Bela Szilagyi, Vice President, Hungarian Baptist Aid