Roald Zeiffert named new part time Coordinator of HORIZONS

Roald Zeiffert named new part time Coordinator of HORIZONS

EBF press service - May 28, 2018

The EBF and the EBF Youth and Children committee are pleased to present Roald Zeiffert as the new part time coordinator for the EBF Horizons Leadership training program.

Roald recently served for the past decade as the director of youth ministry for the Norwegian Baptist Youth and is valued by his integrity and development of the ministry. He has contributed greatly to the success and development of a team approach working among Norwegian youth.

Roald is also warmly accepted and recognized by the membership of the EBF Youth and Children conference each year, and has contributed greatly through his wisdom, humour and keen sense of strategic thinking. Bob Morris, Chair of the EBF Youth and Children Committee states: “The EBF YC Executive Committee would like to thank Jeff for all that he has achieved with Horizons and are delighted to welcome Roald as the new European Director! We believe his enthusiasm and character are will enable him to lead effectively and we look forward to working alongside him enabling him to fulfil this particular part of Gods call upon his life.

This new position is not considered a complete replacement for the work of Jeff Carter who served as full-time training coordinator. However, through a partnership of the EBF, CBM, Norwegian Baptist Union, Norwegian Baptist Youth and the German Baptist Union, a quarter-time was made possible.

Tony Peck, General Secretary of the EBF comments: “As the EBF family we are going to miss Jeff’s ministry a lot. But I am very grateful for the work that he, together with the members of the Youth and Children’s Committee, have done to ensure that the vital work of EBF Horizons can continue. We know Roald Zeiffert well and I am sure he will do an excellent job of leading this programme. And we are grateful for all the partner bodies that have so readily agreed to financially support this new role.”

Roald’s main responsibilities will include the coordination Horizons Live training events and requests from the Baptist Union of the EBF for youth and children ministry leadership training. He also will coordinate the EBF Horizons online program in cooperation with the BWA Horizons director, Jeff Carter to continue to enhance develop and provide quality training opportunities both online and another creative means for the EBF and beyond.

Jeff Carter, recently appointed Director of the BWA Horizons program enthused: “I am thrilled that Roald will continue and develop the vital work of Horizons, in cooperation with the great Horizons mentor team here in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. Roald and I have developed a great friendship and trust through the years, and I’ve watched him emerge as a truly significant leader, one who has earned trust and respect among his peers, and in fact, all generations. As we take Horizons to a global audience, I look forward to his continuing input and our cooperative relationship to continue by all creative means as God enables us.”

Enquiries about the EBF Horizons program can be directed to the email.